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Techset up is led by a qualified team of web developers and designers, specialising in creating results-driven websites. We are a leading website development company in New Delhi. Our web development services cater to improve website functionality and aesthetic across all platforms. From creating and building new designs to redesigning the site to implementing mobile responsiveness and quality content, we help you master the art of digital business. Our IT team backs up with the maintenance and functioning of the website in all hours of need.

Our Web development services
  • Ecommerce Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • Joomla Web Development
  • Shopify Web Development
  • Website re-designing
  • WordPress Development

The Digital partner you want

We take immense pride in being the most reliable and potent web development agency. Here are all the wonderful reasons to collaborate with us for an innovative future.

Powerful Web development solution

Whether you want a custom web design or a complete eCommerce solution like Magento, we cater to all of your demands. With years of experience and management in a diverse range of Industries, we take less to no time to understand and develop a custom solution to meet your exact needs. We intend to create something new and improved from the rest and develop a professional website that adds value and brings greater revenues.

Design focused on User Experience

Humans connect to designs that are simple, easy to access and relatable, even if it’s digital. As a renowned web design and development company, we build a human connection through designs that prioritize user experience. It’s seldom when we see a powerful combination of beautifully designed website and technically sound website. Our goal at Techset up crafts websites that excel in both design and operation. When we combine web design and usability, customers find it easy to navigate and use through your business website.

Expertise in technicality & experience

Our team of expert developers and designers contribute to making us the best web design company in India. Utilising our creative minds and technical knowledge of decades of experience, we ensure your website remains faultless, robust and alluring. Our custom website development services of creating bespoke themes to build extensions to render special functionality remains our primary focus. All you need to do is express what you need, while we build your business masterpiece using the latest web technologies and language.

Mobile-friendly Creation

With an increase in smartphone brands and versions, the number of growing mobile users are on a significant rise. A large number of customers are looking for products and services using their smartphones, tablets or other handy devices. Businesses also need to shift to this new wave of responsiveness. We help to build powerful websites that are compatible across all mobile versions, users can now get in touch with you through any device. Our web design and development services include developing mobile-friendly websites to help find potential customers irrespective of any device.

Reach more customers

Website designs and developments increasingly support search engine optimization and chances of online exposure. We focus on all criteria of website design and development that helps to function great and boost online presence. From optimising website design to increasing the rate of conversion and ranking, we find potential customers organically.

Team of Experts & Specialists

We are nothing but the best! As a best website development company in India, we cater only to the experts of industry professionals. Our website designers and developer team have spent decades to understand the needs of each industry type and build accurate business models. Our planning, creation and maintenance are briefly-discussed among the clients and the leading team to fulfil every little demand. Known for our efficient, modern-approach, and advanced technology use, we refuse to compromise on quality in design and development. Our web development solutions profoundly match your requirements.

Fast, Accessible & Professional

The “need for speed” determines your website quality and working. Fast websites get more traffic, conversation and thereby result compared to a slow-paced site. We help you build a fast, well-coded and structured website for easy to access experience. Loading time is a significant determiner of high ranking in search engines. We implement the best strategy and design to create a smooth and easy flow of the website.

How do we do it?

1. Planning -

Our meeting helps us to understand what your requirements and business must look and feel like. Nitpicking things you prioritise and want to draw attention from your potential customers and what your business would sound like in years to come. We discuss the core foundation to create a powerful future.

2. Web Design -

By the result of extensive research of your competitions and mastering the market trends, we sketch the design of your business. Understanding the audience, products or service and business expectation, we create the ideal design that stands out and dominates the online market.

3. Web Development -

The functionality of the newly designed business plan is put into the rights hands of qualified developers. These web specialists bring the artistic concept alive using the latest technology and usability of customer behaviour. The technical aspect and the customer-sed web solution perfectly align with your standard and aesthetic.

4. Web Integration -

We are reliable for integrating any type of web service and API without altering the current site performance and end-user experience. Your website is constantly upgraded with time to add new features to function faster, safer and effective.

5. Website Maintenance -

The final work is equally essential in maintaining a structured and robust website. Our around-the-clock support teams are always one call away from fixing errors if any. Your website is put into careful observation to alter any inconvenience that might weaken the performance of the website. Our support team is extremely reliable and helpful in upgrading and fixing potential problems in one go while keeping it moving.

Technology we master

  • PHP
  • Laravel
  • Zend
  • CodeIgniter
  • CakePHP
  • Yii
  • Magento
  • WordPress
  • Shopify
  • NoSQL
  • AMP
  • ReactJS
  • AngularJS
  • Node.js

Industries we cater

  • Beauty
  • Jewellery
  • Apparels
  • E-Commerce, B2B & Retail
  • IT & Startups
  • Professional Services
  • Food & Restaurant
  • Healthcare
  • Education & E-learning
  • Real Estate

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