Top 5 creative Website trends of next decade

The 2010s are over, and we saw the most substantial changes in technology during this decade. From the rise of smartphones to the digital revolution, technology has become an important part of human life over the course of this life-changing ten years. .

The 2020s will be no different, as already we are witnessing some great trends and advancements in technology. The world of creative web designing will be no different, as some transcendent website trends are coming in the next few years that will change the way we look at the internet.

If you are someone, who runs his/her business through a website, or thinking of doing so, then you need to know about this, so that you hire the Best website designing company in Delhi-NCR. That stays updated, ahead of competitors in every term.

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Here are top 5 creative website trends that will dominate the next decade.

Artificial intelligence(AI) and Virtual Reality(VR)

Artificial Intelligence(AR) and Virtual Reality(VR) has already made its entry in many areas of technology, as soon it is going to take creative website designing onto the next level. It is a revolution waiting to happen.

eCommerce sites will be the first ones to embrace this change. Artificial Intelligence(AI) will make it easier for visitors to find things that they are most interested in and also it will make it easier for website owners to understand the behaviour of its visitors. Along with that, Virtual Reality(VR) will give visitors a never seen before experience. Websites that mainly focus on rentals, eCommerce, and tourism are more likely to take advantage of this trend. Imagine Trivago or Airbnb gives you a virtual tour to your hotel room wouldn’t that be amazing. If you want to take benefit of this trend in future, go for the Best website design company in Delhi-NCR.

Voice search and chatbots

People are already using voice search and chatbots to help people better and to save costs they may have spent on customer service. In the upcoming few years, this trend is just going to be more influential. Google is heavily investing in voice searches, along with Artificial Intelligence. Alexa, Google Home, and Sri are some success of this trend. If experts are to be believed, by 2025, 50% of searches on Google are going to be voice searches.

On the other hand, chatbots will be a great help for small businesses that can not afford setting up a separate department to help with customer queries and their complaints. Many creative websites are already using them, but in upcoming years, they will be more efficient and helpful.

Scrolling transformations

Scrolling will no longer be just about navigating through websites. It will play a huge role in decreasing your bounce rate and keeping your visitors interested in your website.

If you visit the official page of Google Pixel 4A, you will see great use of scrolling transformations. It not only educates you about the smartphone but also keeps you interested and entrained, while you navigate the website.

Text focused hero areas

Hero area is the first thing someone sees on your website, and it plays a huge part in creating the impression of your website to your visitors. Hero areas have already seen a lot of changes over the years, and it will continue to see more changes in the upcoming year as well, as everyone knows how important it is for a website.

At the initial start of the decade, typography will play a huge role in designing the hero area of a website. It will be more text-focused. A lot of websites have already given in to this trend, and more are likely to join the bandwagon. The Best website designing company in Delhi-NCR will help you with an attractive palette of colours and fonts that can represent your brand. In future, they will follow a simple rule while designing the hero area of your website that perfection lies in simplicity.


We can safely say that personalisation is the motto of the new and advanced world. From food to clothing, people want personalisation in everything. Rather than just a trend, it is more of a necessity in this new world, and that is why, companies that are known as the Best website company in Delhi-NCR, are also not behind.

In the upcoming years, websites will deliver their visitors personalised content according to their geo-location and browsing history. It will make the user more interested and will increase the chances of them coming back to your site

Website owners that don’t change themselves according to the latest trends oftentimes become old news. That is why, you need to keep an eye on the latest trends, and if you do not have time to do that, then hire the Best website design company in Delhi-NCR who can do that for you.

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