Effective Ways to Increase Organic Traffic to your Website

It is important for every business to work on developing new marketing strategies to increase organic traffic to your Website. The benefit of organic traffic is that it help the business with better visibility than it’s competitors when people are looking for a similar product or service. There are various tried and tested ways to bring the organic traffic to your website even in the current pandemic time when the market size has shrunk and the competition is really immense.

In the recent times when each and every penny is precious for all the businesses especially start-ups, one cannot allocate much budget on Facebook or Google to get immediate traffic on its website. If someone advises you to shell out funds to generate traffic from social media, you can always wait and ask a question to yourself before planning for such expense – Is it actually sustainable in near future? The answer is A BIG NO usually for small size businesses with limited resources and for start-ups who are not sure of the customer response and revenue generation in short term.

Role of Digital Marketing Agency in increasing the Organic traffic of a Website

One may get some paid traffic from running paid campaigns in the short run, but consider a situation what is going to happen when it’s not sustainable due to nil or less revenue generation. In a common scenario when the resources are shrinking one will have to stop putting money and the business will hardly be ranking on related search terms ever again.

Best Digital Marketing agency usually do a lot of research to develop extraordinary content with the obvious hope to drive organic traffic as soon as possible and once traffic is generated, the next target is to maintain the flow of the traffic and generate revenues. If the marketing strategies are effective and able to drive, increase and sustain the organic traffic to the website and then only the whole exercise is worth the time and effort.

Building, and maintaining organic traffic seems tough in the beginning, but increasing the website traffic organically becomes the base of what you can expect to add to your gains after days, months and even year after year. Techsetup being the best digital marketing agency in Delhi NCR works really hard to help you achieve this goal and you can indeed going to reap the benefits in several ways in the long run too.

Below is a list of some highly effective ways to increase organic traffic on your website

Write Blogs Consistently

It is advisable to write and publish at least one blog every alternative day, will be better if you can do so daily in the beginning. You can consider to hire experienced content writers to keep the content of your blogs fresh and creative.

If you are updating your website with new blogs regularly, there is no need to get bothered about the best time of the day to publish blogs, as claimed by some studies.

Both Search engines as well as Users love websites that are updated regularly. The updates make your target audience revisit your site and they look forward for your new and engaging content. The content should be worth the investment of their time spent in reading it. Also, they start believing that the business is genuine and begin considering to buy your product and/or services.

The strategy of adding useful content consistently pulls your users again and again to your site, and they naturally like, share and recommend the relevant content to others online. Such techniques boost organic traffic on your website.

Long-Tail Keywords help you rank faster in the beginning

It’s a trend to target two or three-word key phrases by majority of the businesses as these phrases have high search volumes. But this is not the ideal strategy to begin with, because it is highly competitive. Instead of spending time and effort after something difficult to achieve, one should rather opt for long-tail keywords. Allow me to explain it with an example.

If someone owns a digital media marketing business, the natural key word that comes to mind is ‘Best Digital Media Marketing’. But, with this search phrase, the chances are that the business may never rank on first and even second page as this being a global search phrase, there will be naturally high competition. Instead, if we narrow it down and make it a little specific by adding location to the business like ‘Best Digital Media Marketing agency in Delhi-NCR’, it will rank high, faster in comparison to the global keyword.

One can easily reach out to one’s target audience by making the keyword a little specific. The practice that needs to be adapted here is, to keep the Long-tail keywords resembling to what an actual user is likely to type into a search engine. These types of keywords drive more organic traffic due to better relevance and lesser competition.

No Plagiarism, Google is smart

It is always advisable to practice the fair means of driving traffic to your website for organic ranking. Organic traffic (traffic driven only through ethical means) helps in organic and stable ranking. If it is not so, Google may lay penalty. As we’ve mentioned above, attracting organic traffic is hard. But anything that promises a shortcut or instant solution is mostly wrong and can go against your business.

It is imperative to create good quality, meaningful content. If the content resonates with your users/readers/target audience requirements and provides them at least some useful information and/or solution, they will most likely be inclined to buy from you.

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