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Tech setup is a leading technology service provider based out of Faridabad, that has been working to help clients set up an efficient and effective business presence on the web.

Being technically efficient is our main motto and abiding by that motto has made us the best website-designing company in Faridabad. We have cemented our name in providing popular services such as Web development, Web design, Content Writing, Digital Marketing,SEO service,PPC marketing, Corporate Training, Mobile App development and more. Tech Setup is a one-stop shop for all web services. Our team of experts is proficient and professional, and they give their best efforts to technically set your venture up, thus clearly defining the meaning of the company’s name, ‘Tech Setup’.

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Be unique with own creativitiy

At Tech setup, our motto is to ensure customer satisfaction. Our pursuit of keeping our clients satisfied has helped us sustain long-lasting relationships with them. Our values make us uphold the notion that top priority should be given to Data Security. Tech Setup’s culture allows us to conduct flexible meetings and schedules, as per our client’s requirements and convenience.

Highly experienced technical team

Our approach differs from others, which leads to more efficient and exclusive outcomes. Our approach includes-

  • Association with a highly experienced technical team, which delivers high-quality service.
  • A unique and robust model that guarantees a reliable and user-friendly product.
  • Regular project updates given to clients.
  • Making ourselves more capable each day, to work on high volume work data.
  • Strict quality control and multiple levels of testing.
Digital Marketer

The founder of Tech setup, Priya Mangla, is a highly accomplished and skilful Digital Marketer. She has a vast experience in the SEO service area. She is an ardent professional known for delivering high quality work and for meeting deadlines ahead of schedule.

In addition to that, her leadership qualities bind the entire team as a single unit, and also encourages them to work like a machine. Under her guidance, Tech setup has been able to successfully work and collaborate with clients across the globe, making them immensely satisfied with the work. Mrs. Priya Mangla is not just the passionate founder of this company, but also an integral and valuable asset to Tech Setup.

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